The roof of our home is the shell that protects our property. As a homeowner, it is challenging to keep up with the damage to your roof. Although many of us wish our roofs were as intact as when they were first installed, it is almost impossible to avoid any short and long-term damage. 

Sometimes issues are easier to recognize, while other times you won’t even realize they exist until your roofing contractor is doing some maintenance. Below are some of the common and easy-to-recognize signs of roof problems. 

6 Common Problems Your Roof Can Suffer

  • Leaks

Do you see water running down your walls? You probably have a leak on your roof. Look for water stains or mold to determine if you have an active leak. If so, you should seal the holes or replace the shingles immediately.

  • Blisters

They usually occur from poor attic ventilation, which causes your roof to get too hot. A qualified roofing contractor can help you with this tedious problem.

  • Broken Gutters 

They can allow water to run down the side of your home, causing all sorts of problems if they are broken, including rotting siding and washing away landscaping.

  • Damaged or Worn Flashing

Metal roof flashing is explicitly built to withstand time degradation, but it doesn’t last forever. If your roof has suffered a catastrophic event, the flashing may need to be repaired or replaced.

  • Defective Granules

Asphalt shingles are constructed with tiny particles that absorb the sun’s harmful UV rays. However, if they have started to flake off, they will begin to show up as bald patches on the roof. If your roof has streaks of discoloration, this could be a sign that you’re losing those all-important granules.

  • Dismemberment

On some roofs, shingles will begin to expand as the weather starts to get warmer, leading to splitting. If those shingles continually collide with each other, it can warp the roof entirely.

The chances that your roof is currently suffering from one of these problems are higher than you might think. If you are still unsure about the condition of your roof, and you are searching for a roofing company in Austin, TX, calling in the experts is a great option. You can count on the problem to be 100% resolved and have recommendations to keep your roof in its best condition. 

Skywall Construction For Your Residential Roofing Needs

It is crucial to hire a roof professional to inspect and help you maintain it. A regular checkup can prevent severe damage to your roof and home, and it can also help you decrease your costs in the long run. Skywall Construction is the premier roofing company in Austin, TX. We provide the best maintenance, repair, and installation services. 





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