Making the choice of buying a new home is something big since it is going to be part of your new normality. We know it can be overwhelming though, so making sure everything in it is going to last and work as it is supposed to could give you the comfort you may be needing. 

When it comes to buying a new home, the roof tends to be one of the most expensive futures, so checking for any issue it may have is a must.

Five Things Don’t Want To Miss In A Roof When Buying A New Home: 

1. Rooftop’s Age 

You can evaluate the roof’s condition by looking at it. Still, there are some things you need to ask to have a complete amateur diagnosis. One of the first questions you can’t forget is how old the rooftop is. 

You need to know the roof’s age because materials tend to deteriorate over time. Let’s say you purchase a house with an asphalt shingles roof that is 25 years old. You will most likely have to cover the charge of replacement sooner than later. 

Although you can hire a good company that offers roof replacement in Austin, TX at affordable prices, at least you need to be aware of why the replacement may happen. 

2. Ventilation System 

Notice this goes beyond the looks. The house you’re eyeing may seem perfect and its roof brand new, but you will have problems if the ventilation system is not working properly. 

While checking the ventilation system, make sure it lets sunlight and air come in easily!

3. Canals

Drainage that runs along the roof is a must-check! But leave that to the roofing experts since they will have to get on a high platform to inspect it with the right equipment.

4. Breaks or Leaks

Rooftop’s leaks not only damage your roofing materials but other structures of the house: your floors, furniture, and even the paint and walls. Make sure to have an expert with you to track down any possible leak break in the roof. 

5. Mold

Dark, white, green, or black: it doesn’t matter the color or type; every kind of mold is dangerous for a roof. Some are noticeable, and some are hidden. 

Mold doesn’t just affect how your house looks; it also generates bad odors that can put your health at risk.

Professionals use advanced equipment to determine mold sources to get rid of them from the root, so leave it to them if you fear your new acquisition may be suffering from the mold so they can take care of it.

Austin’s Best Roofing Choice When You’re Buying A New Home

Skywall Construction specializes in roof replacement in Austin, TX. We offer quality services and materials to cover any need you may have when buying a new home. If you’re looking for roof replacement, give us a call, we got you covered.





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