The torrential rainy season, strong wind gusts, and heavy snowfall are approaching, leaving your roof with a major commitment to further protect your home. The winds and rains can knock down tree limbs, tear off leaves, wash away trash, and cause other debris to fall on your roof. 

The accumulation of debris such as leaves and branches may sound harmless; however, it can be dangerous and bring serious consequences: spills and even fires are among them. This article explains how something so harmless can bring down your home, and a list of issues debris can cause.

Keep Your Roof Neat and Safe Without Debris

  • Mold – Moisture buildup from the debris can lead to the formation of mold and mildew. Mold can be toxic to your health, can break down roofing materials, which may require replacement, and can reproduce on the walls of your home.
  • Nesting Critters – For squirrels and birds, broken branches and leaf piles are the perfect places for them to take up residence. You don’t want these critters to take up residence on your roof, causing lesser but annoying damage to your roof.
  • Leaks – Debris, such as small twigs, can get trapped inside your gutters. These clogs can cause your gutter system to fail. In addition, large and small branches can become trapped under your shingles, causing them to weaken and creating the opportunity for leaks to occur.
  • Fire – During dry seasons, a pile of dry, dead leaves and sticks on your roof puts your home at risk for fire. All it takes is one windblown ember to ignite the debris.

Smart Recommendations For a Better Outcome

  • When the debris is removed from your roof, the entire roof system can be viewed and inspected to see if any fix needs to be made to maintain it. It is best to hire an expert to do the cleaning, inspection, and, if necessary, any repairs.
  • Fall and especially the winter months bring more rain and the possibility of snow and ice. It’s recommendable to have your roof inspected before the rainy season to avoid damage such as leaks or roof collapse. 

Skywall Construction – Leader in Roof Inspection in Austin, TX

Don’t let your roof be in bad shape due to debris; at Skywall Construction, we also take care of the little things. Our roof inspection service in Austin guarantees you’ll have a roof out of issues in the long run, with rain or sun. Contact us today and get a FREE estimate. 





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