The roof covering your commercial property has greater durability and lifespan than those used on residential properties, but this does not make it immune to weather damage or common failures. Generally, commercial roofing problems require repair, but there are times when a complete replacement is necessary. 

Like any roof, maintenance and repair of small failures are necessary; however, it is difficult to know with certainty when you have failures. In this article, we give you three important signs to notice them as soon as possible. 

#1 – Higher Energy Bills

When your roof is malfunctioning, your heating systems will have to work extra hard to maintain an optimal temperature in your office or business. As a result, you may see significant changes in your energy bill.

#2 – Drooping of the Ceiling

If you notice that some portions of your roof are sagging lower than others, this may indicate a problem with your roof. It could be that water has sat on the roof, causing the insulation to compress, or it could be that a roof deck joist is broken.

Therefore, at any time, the roof can collapse and fall, causing more serious damage. To avoid this, it is fair to replace and check the roof ahead of time. 

#3 – Moisture

This sign is one of the most common and dangerous for several reasons. If your commercial roof is not completely sealed, it could lead to high humidity in your office, resulting in water stains on your ceiling tiles. You could also end up with a breeding ground for insects and molds that thrive in damp places.

In extreme cases, water coming through the ceiling could run down the walls and even seep into the insulation. 

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