When it comes to repairing or replacing a roof, the warranty that comes with the system is not considered important or immediately necessary. However, warranties are crucial, as they protect your investment from things you have no control over, such as weather or natural disasters. 

Replacing a damaged roof is not an inexpensive home repair. Depending on the size, pitch, and type of materials used, roof replacement can run into five figures. Therefore, it is important to have a warranty. Here are 3 reasons why they’re crucial. 

3 Reasons Why Roofing Warranties Are Crucial

Reason #1 – Roof Risks and Warranty

Your roof warranty protects you from accidents that can damage your roof. For example, if the new roof you have fitted on your home has a manufacturing flaw or defect, you will have to pay out of pocket to repair it. However, if you have a warranty, you will pay zero out-of-pocket costs. This translates to saving you hundreds of dollars and stress.

Reason #2 – Warranty and Coverage

Coverage refers to the actual scope of the warranty and how far it will protect your home’s new investment. Most warranties have “repairs only” usage coverage, which is essential protection against manufacturer’s defects. 


Others lack a labor warranty, which protects you from installation errors. It is important to review and know what type of warranties your roof has so you know ahead of time. 

Reason #3 – Zero Stress

The roof is one of the most valuable parts of the house, and possibly the most expensive to replace and fix. The last thing you want is to pay a lot of money for a new roof that has a defect or failure from the manufacturing stage. Warranties are peace of mind that your new roofing system is protected and insured no matter what happens. 

Work With a Bonded and Insured Company Like Skywall Construction

At Skywall Construction, we keep everything in line and provide you a hassle-free life, so you don’t worry about out-of-pocket expenses, providing a high-quality roof inspection in Austin. You can trust us to work on your roof and help you out with insurance claims too. Contact us to know more about our roofers in Austin, our services, and how we can assist you. 



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