Mold is an annoying household problem that may seem harmless and manageable. However, it can be complicated and even dangerous to health. Walls and ceilings are potential growth areas, which could only expand and destroy the material structure until proper measures are taken. 

Knowing what they are and how to correctly eliminate them will save you money and prevent further roofing problems in the future. In this article, we explain WHY it’s key to replace your roof with a new one.  

Why It’s Important To Eliminate The Mold In Your Roof

When you notice mold on your roof, it needs to be addressed immediately. Sometimes a repair will do, however, sometimes replacing the entire roof or the damaged area is more beneficial, depending on how much mold there is. Here are good reasons to remove mold from your roof:

Mold Can Seriously Damage Your Roof

Mold may wash off your roof in the rain and enter your house. Mold can take hold and create health problems. If there is a lot of rot in the roof from moss, it can penetrate the roofing materials. Mold promotes wood rot, erosion of asphalt shingles, and other roofing problems. It can also spread to adjacent structures, which can be worse.

Mold is Persistent

As a fungus, mold is ubiquitous and persistent. The more entrenched mold is on your roof, the more difficult it is to control. Clean mold off your roof when you first see it or have a professional remove it. The sooner you take care of mold, the better.

Mold Can Lead To a Roof Replacement

If you let the mold situation linger, the damage can be irreparable. The mold that feeds on rotting wood can create an unstable roof that requires replacement.

Skywall is Your Best Option for Roof Repair in Austin, TX

Leave the heavy lifting to professionals like Skywall Construction. We specialize in roof repair in Austin, providing our customers with the best results, certified and experienced staff in repairs. 

If you notice mold on your ceiling, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a roof repair in Austin!


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