What To Consider When Installing Rooftop Solar Panels

Rooftop solar panel installation has become a popular way to help the environment save money on monthly bills. However, rooftop solar panel installation does require some considerations before rooftop solar panels are installed. You must consider rooftop solar panel costs, rooftop structure/roofing material weight, rooftop space limitations. Here we give you valuable information; keep reading!

The Basics For Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

Solar Panel Weights

Solar panels are lightweight and can weigh anywhere from 2 to 6 pounds per square foot. You should check your roof structure and weight limits when considering rooftop solar panels. The stronger the rooftop structure, the better! It’s safe to assume that most houses were not built with holding loads of up to 100lbs in mind.

Roof Structure

When getting your rooftop solar panels installed, there are some considerations you should make based on your home’s design and location:

Rooftop Area: If your rooftop area is limited and you want to install rooftop solar panels, always check if the rooftop structure (e.g., deck) can hold the solar panels’ weight and accessories like inverters and mounting bracket.

Amount Of Sunlight Reaches Your Rooftop:  For instance, if large trees or other rooftop structures shadow the rooftop, it will not be able to receive much sunlight.

Accessibility: If you plan to install rooftop solar panels on a rooftop that’s hard to get in and out of, make sure it has easy access. This will also ensure ease of maintenance for your rooftop solar panels.

The Type Of Rooftop Structure You Have: If your rooftop needs rooftop solar panel add-ons like a rooftop bracket or racking system, make sure its rooftop structure can support it.

Aesthetic Appeal: Make sure the design and material used for your rooftop solar panels blend in with your rooftop. This means that rooftop solar panels should match the rooftop and surrounding rooftop structures.

Rooftop Materials

If you have a rooftop made from concrete, make sure it can accommodate the weight of the rooftop solar panel plus accessory hardware (e.g., roof mounting brackets). Note: most rooftop solar panels weigh from 40 to 60 pounds.

Finally, contact rooftop solar panel installers to come over for rooftop solar panel installation consultation. Make sure to do your research beforehand so you will get the most out of their recommendations. This way, rooftop solar panel installation will be done properly with less risk of problems.

Invest In Solar Panel Installation in TX With a Reliable Company

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