Solar Panel Types – Things You Didn’t Know

Solar panels are something that many people look forward to having since they utilize the sun’s energy to power homes, heat pools, and electric kitchens. Therefore, buying this type of energy source surely becomes worth investing in. 

As you look into purchasing or even leasing solar panels, it’s important to understand your options and the differences between solar panel alternatives.

Here we give you important information 

about them, keep reading more!

#1: Solar Panel Systems

These systems are made up of many solar panels, usually more than six, connected by cables and a central inverter that regulates power flow and directs electricity into your home’s electrical panel. These solar panels are typically mounted on your roof. Still, some newer systems can also be placed on the ground or in racks next to your home, making them a perfect alternative to regular electricity. 

#2: Solar Electric Panels

These are similar to a solar panel system, except they consist of one panel connected directly to an inverter for use as a stand-alone system. They don’t need to be mounted on the roof or placed on the ground.

#3: Solar Thermal Panels

These solar panels are made up of many solar collectors connected and installed as one unit. They collect heat from the sun and send it to your home’s central heating system via a pump, water heater, or solar thermal system.

#4: Thin-Film Solar Cells (TFSC)

Thin-film solar panels are a lower-cost alternative. Thin-film solar panels are created by placing one or more films of photovoltaic material (such as silicon, cadmium, or copper) on a substrate. Since less material is needed for their production, these solar panels are also the simplest to install. 

#5: Mono-SI Solar Panels (Mono-SI) 

This is the purest form of solar panel types. They have a uniform dark appearance with rounded edges and are easy to identify. The high silicon purity accounts for this type of solar panel having one of the greatest efficiency rates, with the newest ones exceeding 20%.

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