Should I Also Change My Gutters During Roof Replacement?

Many homeowners assume that all roofing problems can be fixed by replacing the entire roof. In many cases, however, a contractor may find it more cost-effective to do a small repair than complete replacement of the old roof. If you have been noticing any leaks around your gutters or if they are simply clogged with leaves and debris, it’s a very good idea to get these cleaned out and repaired.

In most cases, a homeowner can choose to have their gutters cleaned or repaired at the same time as a roof replacement. Many times, one contractor will do both services for a flat rate. That way, you don’t have to hire two separate companies, which saves you money on materials and labor costs. 

Yes or Not? Know All Your Options 

When it comes to gutters, most homeowners get them replaced when their roofs are replaced. However, if your gutters are relatively new or the material is still intact, you probably won’t do anything with them during your roof replacement. You can consider the next options:

  • Don’t Fix Something That Isn’t Broken

When it comes to choosing whether or not to replace gutters at the same time as a roof, most decisions are based on several variables, including cost and financing, as well as real gutter failure and deterioration, or the desire to complete a two-pronged project at once to save money simply. Therefore, don’t replace your gutters if you’re struggling with the situations mentioned before.

  • If They Cause You Trouble, Tell Them Goodbye

If your gutters are leaking or damaged, it’s time to replace them along with your roof. If you’ve noticed any leaks, dents, or separations in several areas, or if you’ve seen water running down your gutters frequently, replacing your gutters is likely a smart idea.

The Bottom Line

There are benefits to doing both the roof and the gutters simultaneously as homeowner loans, financing with a roofing company, or personal savings or other means might make it simpler to budget for two separate installations. The expenses of labor may be saved by replacing both the roof and the gutters simultaneously. 

Besides taking the decision, it’s key to hire the best gutter repair company near you to do the job, meet all your expectations, use the right tools and best materials. 

Skywall Construction Is The Gutter Repair Company You Need

We offer free consultation services to assist you in determining the best gutter repair and replacement solution for your house. Our Austin gutter experts will come to your home to conduct a comprehensive gutter inspection before evaluating the best approach to proceed. Following this, we’ll work with you to develop a bespoke plan for your gutters.


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