Getting Your Roof Ready For Winter

All homeowners should be preparing their roofs for the harsh weather that will soon come. Since the current months are the last few weeks of fall, now is perfect for repair services. 

The next 4 tips will be helpful for homeowners to prepare for winter. Keep reading to learn more now.

  • Tip #1 Clear All Debris Off 

Snow and ice buildup will be more difficult to remove if there is a lot of debris on your roof, resulting in more frequent damage. Also, keep drainage basins clear of debris to prevent damage and ensure that the gutters and downspouts of your home will drain properly during heavy rain.

  • Tip #2 Apply More Layers Of Pea Stone 

This is recommended for homeowners who reside in areas where snowfall is frequent and heavy throughout the wintertime. The gravel roof should withstand snowfall and should not collapse under the weight of the wet, heavy material. Although Texas doesn’t receive much snow, it’s good to have just in case. 

  • Tip #3 Inspect For Signs Of Leaks Or Damage

Leaks can worsen during wintertime as ice accumulates on a roof. If you notice any leaks, identify where they are coming from and have them repaired immediately to prevent water from penetrating your roof or into your home.

  • Tip #4 Properly Seal 

Properly sealing your roof will reduce heat loss, which will result in lower heating bills during wintertime. If there are any cracks in the roof membrane, determine their sizes and call a professional service to make repairs after taking precautions such as putting down drop cloths to protect surfaces below the opening.

Keep Your Home In Tip-Top Condition With Skywall Construction

Roofing repairs or replacements are not something we take lightly. At Skywall Construction LLC, we understand the importance of your roof, especially during winter, and how it might be a vital part of your home’s aesthetic appeal and overall safety. We want to make sure you and your loved ones are safe and warm. Work with a trustworthy company TODAY. 





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